2018 T-Shirt Design Trends

I’ve been reading a lot about t-shirt design trends for 2018.  If you aren’t sure what you want for a design, maybe some of the ideas here will help jumpstart your creativity.  Here are some of my favorite upcoming trends including ways that you can incorporate them into your own designs.


The floral trend has been talked about all over and I do think it’s a great feature to add to a t-shirt design. So, how do you do it? With Digital DTG printing, we can print full color photographic images in high resolution detail. Here’s an example of a photograph of flowers that has been clipped into a text shape to add visual detail.



Everything 80’s is really popular right now, from the ultra bright colors, to the totally rad shapes, patterns and fonts. It’s a great way to make a statement. Or make you feel really old! Anytime you want to harken back to the good old 80’s, this style is a must!



Digital DTG printing has really improved over the last few years. With the new Brother GTX we can print 1200x1200dpi resolution for really great detailed prints. DTG printing is getting faster too and so it’s more affordable than ever! Photos are a great way to commemorate a person or place. Here’s an example of the ever so popular “embarrass someone on their birthday” shirt. (Yes, that’s me on the t-shirt, from about 20 years ago.)



Text Based Designs
No T-shirt trends post would be complete without a text based design. Have they ever gone out of style? Will they ever? Probably not. There is no better way to get a point across than to emblazon a phrase on a t-shirt. You can do so much with fonts to make a certain stylistic point, what else do you need? Here are a few examples to show the range of what you can do with a text based design.



Just remember: It’s always on-trend to be YOU! Whatever design you like will always be in style. We are here to help you make it happen, so give us a call, or send us an email.

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