How to Fold a Dollar into a T-Shirt


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T-shirts are a great way to make money.  What you may not know is that money is also a great way to make t-shirts!   All jokes aside, t-shirts can raise awareness and make real money for your business or group.  T-Shirts can be sold retail, they can be wearable advertising for your business, or they can be used to promote an idea or product.  Any way you look at it, t-shirts are a great investment.

Here’s a handy guide to making your own t-shirt out of a dollar:

Step 1


Start with a dollar bill.


Step 2 and 3

Step2 Step3

Folding to meet at the horizontal center, fold the bottom up, and the top down


Step 4 and 5

Step4 Step5

On the left side, keeping the fold seam facing up, fold under the small edge where the printing on the bill starts.


Step 6


Keeping the original fold seam facing up, and working with the small folded edge, fold the two corners in until they are touching at the center, creating a collar-like shape.


Step 7 and 8

Step7 Step8

From the bottom, fold upwards twice, folding the bill into thirds.  The last fold should fit just under the collar fold.  You can now start to see the t-shirt shape taking place.


Step 9 and 10

Step9 Step10

Unfold those last two folds and locate the seam at lower third.


The next step is the most difficult and may take some practice.  Just give it a try a few times, and you will start to see what what you are creating.


Step 11 and 12

Step11 Step12

At that horizontal fold line, make a pinch at both flaps and pull them out, at the same time folding up the bottom of the bill upwards so that the corners of that pinch end up outside the edges.


Final Step



Fold the bottom up one more time (you are re-folding along those thirds you created before) tucking the end under the collar shape.  You now have the completed t-shirt!

Try it for youself, and post images of your completed t-shirt in the comments section below.  If you have any questions about real t-shirts, visit us online.


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