Custom T-Shirts – Cost, Quality, Speed

What is most important to you in a custom printed t-shirt?

Cost. Quality. Speed.  “Pick two” it is said.  We don’t believe that.  Now, we don’t mean to say that you will always get the absolute lowest cost, highest quality, and fastest speed every time, but it’s important to think of all three as components to a whole.  Let’s look at all three and how they apply to one another:

Cost is more than a dollar amount but, in the end, cost is a number and one that can be directly compared.   We think it’s important to offer custom t-shirts at an affordable price that is competitive within our industry.  It’s says a few things:  One (and most importantly), we want to earn your business, and we understand the importance of staying within budget.  Two, we work to run our business in an efficient manner, with great people, and with great equipment.

Quality is tied directly into how we run our business.  Those same great people, and great equipment ensure we are able to produce quality results consistently.  Quality represents the pride-factor in our business.  Without it, what good are cost and speed?  Quality is more than just the print on the t-shirt.  It starts with the first call or email, and is continued throughout the production process.  We operate under a simple idea.  If we wouldn’t be happy with someone sending us the product for our business, we won’t send it to you.

Speed has always been our thing.  When we started out in the early 2000’s the industry was at about a 2 week production time.  We immediately recognized that as ridiculous.  We have always had a 5 day production time, and we work diligently to meet or beat that standard and we have always offered rush service on an availability basis.  Having a quicker turnaround time makes us work hard to keep that quality level up and adds value to the overall cost.

So, what is most important to you in custom t-shirts?  We’d be interested in any and all feedback.

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